Ultrasonic Cleaning

For  your  Fire and Water damage projects, some, if not, most of the contents are nearly impossible to restore or very hard to restore by manual cleaning alone. It cannot be denied that contents cleaning and restoration constitutes 20%-40% of the entire project duration.

Contents cleaning costs you a lot more money and the time spent by your cleaners can lead to delays of your project.

Let Us Help

With our innovative and state-of the-art Mobile (On-Site) Ultrasonic Machines capable of cleaning and restoring delicate and fragile items, including a time-consuming items like the window blinds, we can reduce the man-hours and number of people required to do the job done. Hence, we save you time and money, increasing your profitability and speed up your whole project.

With our Mobile Ultrasonic Machines designed for Fire and Water damaged contents cleaning, we do the contents cleaning and restoration right on-site so we can reset or place them back right away. Whenever necessary, we can store all your contents in our secured storage facilities and deliver, reset and placed them back to the unit.