12 Things To Know About Move Out Cleaning

When you’re moving out of a home, cleaning up after yourself is an important part of the process. This is especially true if you’re renting the place that you used to live, as your deposit will be tied directly to the condition that you leave the home in. Give yourself some peace of mind by following these tips for an effective move out cleaning process.

How Deeply Should You Clean Your Place anyway?

Usually a deep clean is the best option when going through move out cleaning. This leaves the place looking as spotless as possible, and helps ensure that you receive your entire deposit back. Plus, it makes the move in process easier for the next person. It’s also a good idea to check your rental agreement to see if there are specifications on the move out cleaning. Make sure to follow any instructions or specifications laid out.

Get As Much Of Your Own Stuff Out Of The Way As Possible

Starting the cleaning process in an organized way is incredibly helpful. Make sure that you’re not getting in your own way too much. Start by getting personal items out of the way first. Move or store items such as luggage, furniture, and personal items before you start tackling the details of the cleaning. For some items, you may need to simply move them from one room to another as you clean, which is an easier prospect than trying to clean around these items.

Work From Top To Bottom

While you’re cleaning, you should try to move from top to bottom. Start at the ceiling and make your way down to the floor, surface-by-surface. After all, dust and debris can fall while you’re cleaning up, and you don’t want to have to return to surfaces you have already cleaned to pick up after yourself. This will save you stress and time in the long run.

Empty It All Out

As you’re doing your move out cleaning in Calgary, make sure you take everything that needs to go. Leaving even something as simple as a can of soup in the pantry can lead to unexpected consequences, such as forfeiture of part of your deposit. None of your personal belongings should be left anywhere in the home when you leave. Go through the kitchen, the bathroom cabinet, the bedrooms, and anywhere else things might have been left behind once more before saying the job is done.

Clean The Floors Last

When you’re cleaning the floors for the last time, it’s an important (and frequently forgotten) step to vacuum, even on non-carpeted floors. Once you have vacuumed, clean the floor with a mop or any other floor-cleaning tools you have. Because floors have a large surface area and are also the bottom of the room, you should leave them to last. This allows you to ensure that all the dirt and dust are cleaned. Plus, you don’t want to work on the rest of the room while the floors are covered with chemical cleaners.

Don’t Forget To Dust, Wipe, And Wash

You should try to make sure that every surface is as spotless as it can be when going through the move out cleaning. This means clearing cobwebs from ceilings and corners, as well as dusting all of the countertops, windowsills, ceiling fans, and blinds. Don’t forget about using glass cleaner to wash any windows.

Replace Burned-Out Bulbs

One often forgotten part of the cleaning when you’re getting ready to move out is the lightbulbs. You should check all lightbulbs in the house to see how they’re working. If they’re not working, or not working properly, take the time to replace them. If you leave with lightbulbs not working, this can affect the amount of your deposit you get back. 

Put Some Effort Into Cleaning The Fridge

If the refrigerator stays with the home, make sure to spend some time on ensuring it is as clean as possible. Since fridges tend to contain all kinds of food matter, simply wiping it out with a wet washcloth isn’t going to get rid of potential bacteria. After the fridge is emptied, use hot, soapy water to clean all of the interior lining, as well as any shelves. If possible, consider removing the shelves to wash them in the sink, as this can make it a little easier to clean them.

Don’t Let Nail Holes Linger On Those Walls

If you’ve hung up any pictures, posters, or pieces of art on the wall, it’s important to patch the holes up before you leave. After removing any nails or adhesives, you can repair the damage with commercial putty. Putty can be found in every major hardware or department store. After the putty dries, you should also paint over the area in the same color as the wall. Your landlord might even be able to provide the paint if you ask in advance.

Leave No Mold Behind

You should be wiping down the walls as part of the whole process. However, if there is any mold, especially in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, you should make sure to use anti-mold cleaning products to really dig it out. If there is a problem with mold, it might also be beneficial to alert the landlord of the problem, especially if the mold has spread.

Get In Deep With Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpets, it can be hard to avoid stains, especially if you’ve been in the home for years, or if you have children or pets. Commercial carpet cleaner is helpful to remove stains, but it won’t always solve the problem completely. You might need to look for other solutions to get stains out, based on the material of the carpet. Professional move out cleaning services might be able to help, as they are able to quickly identify the issues and thoroughly clean the carpet, including any stained areas.

Never Underestimate How Long It Can Take

One common mistake is to set aside too little time for the move out cleaning process, often scheduling it right before some other task or just a short time before you have to be out of the building. If you are being as thorough as you should be, don’t be surprised when it takes much longer to get through than you might have initially thought. Professional move out cleaning services can help you shorten the time needed due to their experience and systematic approach to cleaning, while also allowing you to deal with other moving out responsibilities.

Get Some Help With Move Out Cleaning In Calgary

If you want to make sure that you’re not leaving yourself open to any bills or reduced deposits, consider getting detailed and thorough move out cleaning in Calgary underway with the help of move out cleaning services from Unified Services. Take some of the load off your shoulders while ensuring the clean is done to the highest standards.