3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

The carpet is one of the features of your home that is easy to forget but also impactful in ways you don’t always see. We walk all over our carpets every day and many new homeowners go deep into debt simply to have the privilege of touching it. While flashier things like furniture and in-home gadgets might get all the press, your carpet is what makes a room feel like a living space. Dirty carpets feel uncomfortable underfoot and really diminish the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Canada Unified Services Inc. began in Calgary, but we’ve expanded our award-winning professional cleaning services to Edmonton and Toronto. We proudly offer a full range of carpet cleaning, including move-in cleaning for new homeowners, to keep your carpet clean and healthy. Avoid water damage and poor maintenance leading to discoloration and deterioration through regular cleaning, and you’ll extend the life of your carpet. This guide lists 3 ways to do so, and spare you costly replacements in the process.

Carpet Hazards

Whether you’ve just bought a house and you want a move-in cleaning service or you simply want to keep what you have looking great, it’s best to avoid the hazards to your carpet’s health with good preventive maintenance. Canada regularly faces some brutal weather, and unfortunately, many places are getting soggier and stormier. 

Moisture is a serious threat to your carpet. When it seeps down to the root of the carpet, it can stay there undetected, eventually doing damage to your floor and giving rise to mold. Food stains and drink spills are also prone to harming your carpet over long periods of time.

Better Home Practices

Developing good cleaning practices can help you long after your move-in date. Cleaning your carpets regularly with vacuums and blotting minor mishaps will help prevent the buildup of damaging particles. 

We also recommend a carpet guard if you are planning on eating food in the carpeted room. This will prevent too much excess spillage from completely ruining the carpet (and it can save you money if you don’t need to call in cleaning services for a second appointment!)

Regular Cleaning

Clean your carpet regularly to prevent deterioration. Most sellers will do this before a potential new homeowner move-in, but cleaning on a regular basis will make a difference in the look and feel of your carpet. Dry vacuuming isn’t always enough. The deep-seated particles and contaminants can resist even vacuuming, which is why steam cleaning is necessary.

Schedule regular steam cleaning to supplement your efforts and you will greatly extend the life of your carpet.

How We’re Helping 

Calgary’s leading carpet cleaning experts are now here to help in Edmonton and Toronto. Whether you have residential or commercial needs, water remediation, end-of-tenancy, or move-in cleaning, Canada Unified Services Inc. 

Keep your carpet cleaner and healthier for longer with our professional cleaning services. See how we’re helping Canadians across these three beautiful cities preserve their homes through the worst that Canada’s people and weather can throw at them.