Carpets are great additions to home decor. They spice up floors that need a bit of design and coordination with the household’s overall look. However, carpets instantly become an eyesore the minute they get stained from various substances. But how do you keep carpets clean despite using them every day? Here are some hacks:

Types of Carpet Stains

1. Soiling

Soiling is any stain or residue left behind on the carpet fibre after a cleaning service. Soiling is a stubborn stain that isn’t easy to remove, and not every cleaning service has the skills. It is a stain that becomes sticky and becomes a dirt magnet if not thoroughly rinsed and blotted. It may even seem like there was no cleaning done at all.

2. Wicking

Meanwhile, wicking occurs when the substance spilled on the carpet soaks through into the material’s backing. It’s a deep-penetrating stain that is challenging to clean due to all the layers it has penetrated. 

Although carpet cleaners can wash the carpet’s surface, the wicking stain can be left behind, making it look like the carpet wasn’t cleaned at all. The spill is now trapped in the underpad of the carpet, making its way up the fibre stands back to the surface. It’s a never-ending process if not taken care of. Wicking occurs when the carpet is wet. If the carpet has been cleaned through steam, it will likely retain moisture that causes stains.

How to Prevent Recurring Stains?

Preventing stains from recurring is easy, as long as the root cause is treated as quickly as possible. By controlling the residues from soaking deep into the carpet, you’re controlling a recurring nightmare from happening.

After every treatment, it’s essential to place a stack of paper towels or a clean white towel over the spot affected on the carpet. Find any type of weight, such as a stack of books, to weigh down the paper towels and push them to absorb the remaining moisture left in the carpet. 

It’s vital to find a reputable cleaning company that can do all the work without you having to worry about wiping things down later. Excellent professional cleaners have the proper equipment to suck up and dry the carpet thoroughly, leaving it almost completely dry. But if you’re on a budget, air-drying the carpet with fans should work fine too.

1. Soiling

If soiling causes the reappearing stain, pour a small amount of lukewarm water on the spot. The amount will depend on the size of the area, but it shouldn’t be more than a quarter of a cup. Lukewarm water is an effective way to rinse the residue out of the fibres. After rinsing the carpet, make sure to dry it under the sun or through a fan to ensure the material is dry before use.

2. Wicking

Meanwhile, if wicking is the cause of the unwanted stain, it’s best to follow the same routine but end on a drying method using a stack of paper towels and a few weights. Make sure that the carpet dries overnight in front of a few fans to ensure it fully dries out in the morning.


If the issues persist, it might be time for more drastic measures. If it’s possible, remove the carpet until you reach the sub-floor. Check if it’s completely dry or not. If it’s wet underneath, make sure to air it out first and let it dry.

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