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5 Common Mistakes in Doing Your Own Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpets can be a real mess to deal with. This is why it’s important to keep them well-maintained to address any mishaps right away. It’s not hard to find carpet cleaning services these days, but you may want to try your hand at cleaning it yourself. 

That said, you may want to take note of the issues that DIYers face before going for it.

Being Too Rough

Some stains can be persistent, and a lot of debris can build up over time. When they get stuck in the fibres of your carpet, it can feel natural to start scrubbing vigorously. However, being too rough will only damage your carpet and wear down its fibres, making it thinner and not as soft to the touch.

Professional cleaners usually make use of mounted cleaning equipment so they can get rid of deep grime and persistent stains without having to be rough on the actual carpet itself. On top of that, they can get to the padding and not just the surface level. 

Not Extracting Water

It’s important to dry your carpet properly. Otherwise, the texture may be off. More worrisome than that, however, is the possibility of accumulating mould and mildew. These are not just visually unappealing but also lead to unpleasant smells and health risks. This becomes even more of a problem in homes with pets. 

You need to make sure that carpets are not just air-dried but free from moisture. If you press the surface and it’s still damp, it’s a no-go.

Using the Wrong Mixtures

Using chemicals that are too harsh and affect the dye, using water that isn’t the right temperature, and improper use of cleaning solutions can basically kill a carpet. 

You need to test out your solution before applying it to the whole carpet; otherwise, you can ruin the fabric and even cause discoloration. It’s also important to use hot water throughout the cleaning process. 

Deodorizing Incorrectly

Any pet owner knows the struggle with cleaning up urine and excrement then still having to deal with the lingering smell afterwards. It’s very difficult to get rid of this scent if it has already permeated the surface and hit the padding. On top of that, the stains can be a real doozy.

First of all, you need to act fast if you don’t want this to create residue. Second, you need to know that deodorizing powder doesn’t actually get rid of the urine. Though it may dampen out the smell, it’s not actually cleaning the carpet down to the padding. Sometimes, homeowners even put too much powder trying to compensate, but it just creates long-lasting gunk.

Not Checking for Residue

Carpet cleaning is not a quick job. This makes it tempting to just leave it once dried, but you could end up missing residue that may even have come from the cleaning materials you’ve used.


If you’re going to clean your carpet, make sure to avoid these mistakes as they can pile up. Doing it yourself is perfectly fine for sudden stains and general cleaning, but it’s still better to get a professional job every now and then. Affordable carpet cleaning isn’t hard to find nowadays, so it’s best to have a deep cleaning done at least once a year.

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