5 Dirty Rooms in Your Home That Definitely Need Cleaning

Describing a place to be filthy usually means that it obviously needs cleaning, whether it’s apparent grime in between the tiles or obviously spilled food on the table. However, cleaning should be done regularly to prevent the room from getting to a certain state of being dirty.

Even if it doesn’t seem like a room is messy or contaminated in appearance, it could still have some lingering dust and germs that are tucked away. Allowing them to foster will not only ruin your living space but also indirectly affect the health of your pets and loved ones. 

Here are five rooms that should definitely need some regular house cleaning:

1) Kitchen

The kitchen holds pretty much all the food and drinks in your home, so it’s important to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Ingesting breakfast, lunch and dinner that’s been placed on dirt-filled surfaces like the countertops and cabinets won’t bode well for your body.

Plus, there are also kitchen tools, utensils, and appliances used. It’s important to have these washed after use to prevent bacteria from growing. The kitchen sink itself should also be void of any questionable residue too. 

2) Bathroom

Although some homeowners may think that the bathroom is one of the cleanest spots in the home, it’s more of the opposite. After taking a shower or bath, there’s a considerable amount of moisture in the room that can help cultivate all kinds of bacteria. 

The bath towels, robes and mats being used daily can also collect quite a bit of germ alongside a change in its odour. Disinfectants are a must. Be sure to get professionals who wouldn’t be afraid to tackle every nook and corner.

3) Living Room

The living room or common area is where plenty of your family and friends collect. Due to the increase in foot traffic around this area, there’s no doubt that debris is sneaking in between the furniture, the carpet fibres and more. It can be unbearably cluttered as well.

To ensure that the space is prepared for movie nights, study sessions, wine Wednesdays, and more, a cleaning service should tend to it. They’ll surely be particular with the upholstered furniture and carpet cleaning so that you can have worry-free bonding times.

4) Bedroom

It can be odd to think that dirt is manifesting in your space for resting, sleeping and every other activity in between, but that’s simply what happens when it isn’t maintained properly. The pillows, blankets, sheets and more should be washed often while everything is organized properly. Otherwise, you risk air quality issues and skin irritation in the future.

5) Storage Rooms

Another place that could be harbouring quite a bit of dirt and dust would be your storage rooms. Whether it’s the basement or the attic, many things can be rendered unusable because of how the environment has festered. Some critters might have even gotten to some of the backpacks and clothes you’ve stored away, which can be quite a waste.


Understanding which places in the home may have the most dirt gives you a general idea of where your hired cleaners should focus on. Just remember to look beyond the telltale signs and maintain the household to avoid worst-case scenarios.

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