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5 Questions To Ask A Potential House Cleaner

If you are considering professional house cleaning for your home, then it is vital to do some research beforehand. There are a number of important questions to ask a potential house cleaner ahead of time in order to make sure that you are choosing someone that is right for you. Asking the right questions allows you to ensure that the person or team you hire will meet your standards and knows your needs. Here are some questions to ask a potential house cleaner:

Do you have insurance?

If you are wondering ‘what should I expect from a house cleaner,’ then insurance is one of the first things to check. It is a legal requirement for any professional cleaning company or individual to have some form of public liability insurance. The reason why this is important is it protects the cleaner, as well as your property, should there be damage to any of your belongings or if an injury is suffered when on your premises. Asking this question allows you to ensure that they have proper insurance to cover both you and them before they start on any work.

Will you provide your own equipment or need that provided by me?

Professional house cleaning requires a lot of equipment. Generally, it is the responsibility of the house cleaner to provide the equipment they will use. However, it’s important to check and makes sure that this is the case. Knowing the expectation of whose equipment will be used can help negate any issues in the future. 

Can you provide references for previous work?

The majority of cleaning services and companies are happy to provide references if requested. If you request references, but the company is unable to provide these, keep in mind that while there may be a legitimate reason for this, it is a red flag. You can also see what others think of the company by checking out their social media channels and review sites. 

Does the cleaner have a background check?

Consider asking about a background check, whether you’re hiring from a cleaning company or hiring an individual. While background checks aren’t necessary, they can offer you peace of mind. If you’re working with a company, they may be able to provide a background check of the individual or individuals who will be cleaning your home. However, you might need to do the background check yourself, or pay for it to be done if you request this. 

Is there a contract to sign?

Whether you’re looking for as-needed services or you want to hire someone to come clean your home regularly, it’s important to clarify if there is a contract or not. Some things that a contract can cover include what if the cleaner misses their appointment time, what happens if you need to reschedule, and what are the expectations for both you and the cleaner. 

By asking these questions you can have some peace of mind when choosing your professional house cleaning service. We offer a safe, friendly, reliable, and trustworthy professional cleaning service to help your home look and feel great!