5 Simple and Helpful Tips for Cleaning Your Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are naturally averse to dirt and dust. Wool picks up dust easily and helps keep carpets clean. Carpets are made from natural materials, so they do not let dust seep in. They can be cleaned by vacuuming, but that’s not enough to keep them looking sparkly clean and soft year after year. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you all the tips and tricks you need to clean your wool carpet.

1) Follow Manufacturing Instructions Carefully 

You must follow the instructions the carpet manufacturer gives you. Even if you own a wool rug or carpet that has been in your house for years, you need to follow these instructions carefully.

Please note that the following tips are for carpet cleaners that are made for carpets, and not for liquid carpet cleaners that have been diluted. If you have spot stains, you will have to treat those separately.

2) Don’t Use Rented Extraction Machines

Using a shop vacuum is not a great idea unless you have a very small area to clean. Vacuums are great for removing dust and dirt from carpets, but they cannot remove all the dirt that is embedded in the fibers. 

If you have a large area of wool carpets to clean, then a shop vacuum is not the way to go. Instead, you should use a large suction vacuum with a beater bar.

3) Use Organic Materials

You can use some organic materials to clean your wool carpet. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water, and use the solution to clean your wool carpet. If you have a wool rug, you can pour the solution in the bottle of your vacuum. For carpet carpets, you can sponge the area and then vacuum it.

You can rinse the rug or carpet in the washing machine with the same solution. Make sure you do a rinse cycle after you clean your wool carpet.

4) Give It a Thorough Vacuum

Wool carpet doesn’t need to be vacuumed often. Vacuuming once in two weeks is more than enough. 

After you vacuum your wool carpet, you should give it a good vacuum again. The reason is that the beater bar of the vacuum can cause dirt to be embedded into the fibers. The second pass will give you an even cleaner and softer wool carpet.

5) Enlist Professional Carpet Cleaners

If you want to keep your wool carpet clean and soft, you need professional carpet cleaners to come in and clean it. Professionals are familiar with all the techniques needed to make your wool carpet look and feel great.

They can help you get rid of large stains and they will not miss a spot. Hiring professional carpet cleaners is worth the investment if you want your wool carpets to remain clean, soft and beautiful.


If you want to keep your wool carpets looking and feeling great, you need to follow the instructions for cleaning wool carpets given to you by the manufacturer. You should not use rented extraction machines because they cannot remove all the embedded dirt.

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