7 Reasons You Need Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving can be a time of high emotions and high maintenance, for everyone involved. No matter if you are a renter, an owner, or even a real estate agent, move-out cleaning services might be just what you need! 

Reduce the Stress of Moving

No matter how much planning you do for moving, there is no denying that it can be a lot of work. Hiring move-out cleaning services is just one way that you can reduce the stress of a move. Research shows that 60% of people in the United States find moving out of a rental more stressful than planning a wedding. 

Move-out cleaning services can help you cut down on the list of things that you have to worry about. Reduce the trips to the store and take away the hours of work that come with moving. A cleaning company can take care of all that for you. Let someone else take care of the old place while you focus on getting yourself to the new one!

Ensure Proper, Thorough Cleaning

Move-out cleaning services are trained to ensure thorough cleaning from top to bottom. This includes carpet cleaning, furnace and duct cleaning, and full-home cleaning. In addition, professional cleaners have access to special equipment that will make deep cleaning any space more efficient and effective. 

Prevent Any Damages

Whether you are a renter, owner, or realtor, chances are that you want to leave the home in good condition. Deep cleaning an entire house may require the use of strong cleaning products or even specialized cleaning machines such as a carpet cleaner. 

It is important to use these products as intended in order to remain safe and prevent damage. For example, some cleaners have to be mixed in exact measurements or they could be too harsh on wood or metal surfaces. Even environmentally safe cleaners can damage certain areas if not used properly.

In addition, accidental damages can occur when you are in a hurry to get everything packed up and ready. For example, using the wrong kind of scrubber can leave scratches on a stove or countertop, or nails can leave holes in the walls. Professional cleaners can ensure that these types of damages don’t happen or are taken care of right away!

Please Your Landlord and Your Pocket!

If you are renting a property, you likely have a whole list of things to clean prior to vacating the premises that you don’t even think of in your daily life. The baseboards, tops of cabinets, ceiling fans, and air ducts are some common areas that landlords expect to be cleaned when moving out. By investing in move-out cleaning, you can ensure that all of those nitty-gritty places are completely taken care of. 

Cleaning fees charged by a landlord could cost hundreds of dollars plus the reduction or loss of your security deposit. Paying a cleaning company upfront can ensure that you will get the security deposit back in full without any extra fees. 

Own Your Property? Wow Your Buyers

If you are an owner that is looking to sell your home, move-out cleaning services can be just what you need to make buyers take your listing seriously, even if you aren’t currently living in the home. Professional cleaning is a great way to freshen up a listing to make sure it looks ready to move in whether it has been sitting empty or not. A clean house can be more appealing and means less work for the buyer.

Selling a Property for an Owner? Boost the Appeal

Move-out cleaning can be helpful for real estate agents as well. Some real estate agents handle everything related to the sale for the buyer. In these cases, the agent can create a relationship with the move-out cleaning service to improve the appeal of their listings. 

Not only can this improve the chances of getting offers on the home, but it can improve the reputation of the agent. Real estate agents are dependent on their client sales and, therefore, are focused on maintaining customer relationships and satisfaction. This includes both sellers and buyers. 

Simply cleaning up a property can improve the overall experience of the home buying process, especially if it is consistent. For example, consider a real estate agent takes a buyer to three homes and all three are professionally cleaned. They are likely to have a positive reaction to the realtor either because they are impressed with the quality of the homes themselves or they are impressed with the realtor’s ability to choose high-quality homes. 

However, if only one of three homes are clean, the buyers are likely to assume that the seller is to blame. This may not harm the reputation of the agent but it is also not likely to improve it. The bottom line is that cleanliness improves the quality of the experience as much as it can improve the quality of the home.

Save Yourself Some Time

In the end, move-out cleaning services will save you more than just money, stress, and reputation, they will save you time. When you are moving, selling, or helping, your time is valuable. Get some of that time back by having someone else get their hands dirty. After all, managing the moving of your possessions takes enough time. Cleaning a whole house can take hours by yourself with daily cleaning supplies. A cleaning crew can have the job done faster and more effectively so you can spend more time focusing on things that matter more.

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