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Are My Dirty Air Ducts Affecting My Family’s Health?

As a homeowner, one of your responsibilities is ensuring that your home is safe, clean, and liveable. While cleaning your surface and furniture can be done regularly, some homeowners tend to forget some key areas in their home, such as their air ducts. 

It’s extremely important to schedule regular cleaning for your vents, filters, and air ducts. When you do this, you instantly improve your indoor air quality, allowing you to mitigate respiratory issues and concerns that may affect other members of your family. 

To fully understand why you should get regular air duct cleaning, it pays to be aware of the negative effects of having dirty air ducts in your home. With that said, our team has compiled some of the nasties you get when you don’t clean your air ducts regularly. Let’s take a look!

The Drawbacks of Dirty Air Ducts

One of the most obvious reasons you should get your air ducts cleaned is that there are a bunch of bacteria, microbes, and allergens stuck in your vents. These tiny things circulate in the air, which can affect your home’s indoor air quality.

These “stuff” include dust and dust mites, pollen, people and pet dander, mould, mould spores, mildew, rodents and their feces and remains, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and more. But what happens to your body?

There are a plethora of health symptoms that will arise when your indoor air quality is affected. You’ll notice that your family members are coughing more, wheezing, having difficulty breathing, getting headaches and migraines often, fever, skin irritations, and more. 

Worsens Pre-Existing Respiratory and Pulmonary Conditions

Sadly, family members with asthma and allergies are the most affected by dirty vents and air ducts. This is because you’re allowing allergens to circulate within the room, which could increase attacks and sickness. For this reason, regular air duct cleaning is a must to help mitigate allergic and asthma attacks as well as improve your pulmonary health. 

Develop Respiratory Disease and Infections

No family member is spared from the drawbacks of having dirty air ducts. When an otherwise healthy family member is exposed to horrible indoor air quality, they can easily get sick and develop respiratory diseases and infections. It can start with coughing, sneezing, and sore throat, which would later lead to infections and other worse respiratory issues.

Trigger Sinus Infection and Common Cold

Since bacteria and viruses are circulating within your household, they could easily get into your family’s sinuses, which could then lead to an infection. In addition, bacteria can also affect more than just your sinus, but your whole body, meaning it could trigger respiratory issues ranging from mild to severe. 

Affects Your Skin and Develops Irritation

Another reason you need to have your air ducts cleaned regularly is that bad indoor air quality can help mould and mildew circulate, so besides respiratory issues, you’ll also notice that the air circulating can cause skin irritations and complications, such as eczema, hives, and rashes. 

The Bottom Line: Hire Professionals to Assist in Regular Air Duct Cleaning in Your Home

There’s no doubt that the best way to mitigate indoor air quality-related issues and illnesses is by getting air duct cleaning services. Trust us—you’ll do more than improve the air circulation in the room, but you’ll also eliminate tiny microbes and bacteria that can trigger health complications. 

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