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What to Do When Your Carpet Stills Smells Bad After Cleaning

After having your carpet cleaned, you expect it to not only look great but also smell great. But what happens when your carpet still smells bad even after cleaning?

Why Does the Carpet Still Smell Bad After Cleaning?

One of the most common causes of bad odours in carpets is the presence of mould and mildew. If you noticed the odour is particularly strong in higher humidity areas, like bathrooms, this is a good indicator that the source of your problem is mould and mildew.

The most common reason for excessive growth of mould and mildew is improper cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a multi-step process that involves an intense shampoo application first. This helps loosen the dirt and removes any stains. After the carpet is shampooed, the actual cleaning process begins by using a powerful machine to agitate the carpet to loosen any dirt and grime present. Once the cleaning agents go into the carpet, they work to break up the dirt that is stuck deep into the carpet fibres.

Problems arise when these harsh and powerful cleaning agents are not completely rinsed out of the carpet after the cleaning is complete. If they are left behind, they can cause the growth of mould and mildew in the carpet. Mould and mildew feed on the cleaning chemicals and the carpet fibres. Over time, they grow and spread, causing a stink problem.

How to Get Rid of Bad Odors in Carpet

There are several ways to control the growth of mould and mildew in carpets.

Rinse the carpet thoroughly with clean water after the cleaning process to remove any trace of the cleaning product. This will help to wash out any lingering cleaning product residue, and it will also help to remove any mould or mildew that may have grown in the carpet fibres.

Apply a special anti-mould and mildew treatment to the carpet. These products are specially formulated to kill the mould and mildew that may be growing on your carpet. You can also apply this treatment over top of the carpet or in a carpet cleaning machine to help prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your carpet.

Use an air carpet cleaner to help eliminate any bacteria or residue left behind after the cleaning process. This helps to remove any odour from the carpet, and it helps to remove any of the odours left behind from the cleaning product.

Consider using a deodorizer to help remove any odour from your carpet. This can be used as a spray or as a room freshener. These products come in a variety of scents, often ranging from fresh, clean scents to more traditional scents like vanilla or cinnamon.

After carpet cleaning services, you should always take the time to check your carpet to see if there are any residual particles or smells left behind.

Final Thoughts

Even after a thorough carpet cleaning, you may still find there is an odorous residue left behind. If this happens, try implementing the steps above to help remove any smells from your carpet. If this does not work, contact a professional to provide you with further cleaning services.

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