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How Your Dirty Carpet Could Be Affecting Your Well-being?


Our lives have become so hectic that every now and then, some of our tasks slip through the cracks, and we don’t even realize that. We go about our business until we find out what we’ve missed and the consequences of missing it. One of those things is carpet cleaning. Yup! We know you know […]

Essential Air Care: 3 Critical Moments When Duct Cleaning Becomes a Must


How important do you think duct cleaning is for your home? For many people, duct cleaning is something at the back of their minds, which can be done whenever they want, but that moment seldom arrives. Duct cleaning is mostly seen as an optional service that might improve the air quality, but people aren’t too […]

When Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Coils Cleaned?


The air conditioner’s four most important components are the evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, and compressor. Other parts that are far less critical or well-known than these four are also required for the air conditioner to function effectively. The coils are one of these. Evaporator and condenser coils are the two different kinds of coils that […]

The Best House Cleaning Begins in These Dirtiest Areas


Regular house cleaning is simple enough—you pick a spot you haven’t tidied up for a while, run a broom, vacuum through it, and you’re done! But we’re not talking about easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy house maintenance today. You should have the best house cleaning ever, so that entails going through rooms and areas you never thought accumulated the […]

What to Know about the Allergens in Your Carpet


Many people suffer from allergies. Even if your health is not in danger, sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes are unpleasant, especially when they attack you out of nowhere. This is one of the reasons why the majority of allergy patients adamantly avoid allergens.  We cannot control the environment, but we can eradicate allergens in our […]

What to Do When Your Carpet Stills Smells Bad After Cleaning


After having your carpet cleaned, you expect it to not only look great but also smell great. But what happens when your carpet still smells bad even after cleaning? Why Does the Carpet Still Smell Bad After Cleaning? One of the most common causes of bad odours in carpets is the presence of mould and […]

When DIY Pet Stain Removal Doesn’t Cut It


If you have a troublesome pet who just can’t seem to resist dragging mud throughout the house, then sometimes DIY pet stain removal doesn’t cut it. Even a house-trained cat or dog can be subject to occasional accidents or upset stomachs. When you are already overwhelmed with work daily, hiring a professional carpet cleaner for […]

Preparing for Professional Carpet Cleaning Magic


Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is an excellent investment because the best carpet cleaning companies won’t simply clean your carpets but will also ensure that they stay clean for a long time. When you pay professionals, you should expect professional results. What to Know Upfront Expect to Move Your Furniture If you haven’t worked […]

Spring, Time for Professional House Cleaning


If you know someone who needs a house cleaner (or you are looking for a house cleaner yourself), then spring is the perfect season to look into your options. A professional cleaning service may have equipment and expertise that you don’t, which means that hiring one can ensure your home receives the highest quality care […]