Common Spots Overlooked During Spring Cleaning

Spring symbolizes things coming back to life – everything is brighter, clearer, and more beautiful. For homeowners, it also represents one thing – the time of year has come for you to purge your home of all the clutter and do some deep cleaning. 

Yes, you may be familiar with spring cleaning, but how well do you actually do it? Read on as the best house cleaning team in Calgary shares the most common spots missed during spring cleaning:

Light Switches

You touch them, you use them all the time yet it’s easy to forget how dirty they can be. To protect your house from any germs and bacteria brought in by your hands, wipe them down with disinfecting wipes.

Kitchen Appliance Handles

While you may have listed down every single appliance in your kitchen that needs to be cleaned, you might forget that they have handles. Don’t forget to disinfect them when you do your spring cleaning or you’ll be leaving lots of germs behind.

Door Knobs and Frames

What’s the point of spring cleaning if you’re leaving traces of germs on the doorknobs and frames? These spots are one of the most frequently touched parts of your home, especially the entrances where your hands are most exposed to germs. Wipe them down with disinfectant wipes after you’ve cleaned the entire home as a final touch.

HVAC Vents

You have these vents all over your house, but when was the last time you cleaned them? If you’re not sure about how to clean them and the best way to do it, do your research. Better yet, get professional cleaning services from a reputable team that knows how to clean such tricky spots.

Window Sills and Sashes

The window sills are most often forgotten about during a spring cleaning because they are not really visible. Although they may not be easy to access, it is worth the time to clean them thoroughly. If not, the possibility of having mold and dust may increase, especially in closets and dark corners.

If you’ve never taken the time to visit these spots during spring cleaning, don’t worry. It just means that you may want to do some extra cleaning this year. Remember to contact a reputable cleaning services provider that can clean these areas and share tips with you on how to keep them clean at all times.

Under the Furniture

While this may seem like a simple cleaning task, a lot of people fail to do so during spring cleaning. Furniture usually collects dust, dirt, allergens, and other forms of bacteria that can cause different types of illnesses. Take the time to use a vacuum and clean them thoroughly.


This is another seemingly simple task that is overlooked during cleaning. Cleaning them is important because they often get smeared with grease and other things that can leave a residue. It is also important to clean them thoroughly, especially if you have small children and pets at home.


There you have it. These are the most common spots missed during spring cleaning. Make sure you include them on your list so you can be sure that every nook and cranny of your home is covered when you do your spring cleaning. To ensure that your home is clean and germ-free at all times, and not just in spring, you should get the best house cleaning services from a trusted pro cleaner in your area.

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