Post-construction cleaning is a cleaning service done on a new or renovated building. After making a renovation or improvement on your business can be done to advance it. However, the post-construction cleaning process is crucial to ensure you start at a clean state before moving forward. However, cleaning may be a stressful and laborious task—no need to worry. Instead, find a “post-construction cleaning service near me” to get the job done. 


Dust will inevitably be everywhere after a construction project. This can be very obvious as it will appear on all surfaces. It will end up in prominent places, but it will also show up in nooks and crannies. Make sure to wipe down walls and deep-clean floors or furniture that can easily trap the dirt.

Carpets and Upholstery

Any cloth fibers will be a dust and debris magnet. Make sure to especially deep clean all the carpeted areas and upholstery. A professional cleaning may be the best way to ensure that everything is cleaned properly and with the best kinds of tools and supplies. 

Air Filters

Don’t neglect the areas in which the dust can be trapped in areas that can easily be overlooked. Air filters affect your respiratory health if left uncleaned or replaced after construction. Make sure the vents are wiped down. The last thing you want is to risk our employees’ or customers’ health. The worst-case scenario would be that you end up losing business, leading to an increased health risk for anyone entering your business.

Exterior Areas

Power wash and clean up your exterior areas. The exterior is the first image that your business presents to the outside. Therefore, what is outside will affect what’s within. To ensure it’s done correctly, call a professional cleaning service team and inquire about the services they offer, specializing in cleaning after construction. 


If your business has a kitchen, start with the fridge and move on to the rest of the kitchen. Because this is where all the food goes, you want to ensure it’s as safe and clean as possible to protect everyone’s health. There can also be hidden dirt and dust in cabinets and corners. Save the floor for the end. 


If you’re looking for a “post-construction cleaning service near me,” book now or contact us for a free estimate of the service, we can provide for your space and get a low price. Then, leave it up to us to take care of all of the overlooked areas of your property after a construction project. Canada Unified Services will guarantee service with the highest standard of cleaning.