Give Your Home a New Clean for the New Year with House Cleaning Services

As we enter the new year it can feel like a time for starting over fresh with new year’s resolutions and renewing your plans for the year. So why not refresh your home as well with house cleaning services to refresh your living space? How clean is your house? You can be honest, life gets in the way and we don’t often keep our own homes as clean as we would like. But there are services here to help! Canada Unified Services Inc. provides the best house cleaning Calgary has to offer at affordable prices. Check out what we can do for you to give your house a new start with the new year. 

Carpet Cleaning

Refresh your carpets with a professional carpet cleaning. Your carpets see a lot of wear and tear throughout the year with constant traffic, potential spills, and even dust from your air. A residential vacuum or store-bought products simply can’t penetrate your carpet fibers down to the base and lift everything away while maintaining quality. A professional carpet cleaning service has the tools to gently lift contaminants, dirt, and stains away from your carpet leaving you with a floor that is as good as new. 

Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning

If you are a homeowner, you probably know that it is recommended to replace your air filters at least twice a year. But what about your air ducts? If your filters are getting clogged up, chances are there is plenty of dust and allergens lurking in your furnace and air ducts. A professional cleaner can take the worry and hassle out of maintaining your air system by cleaning all that out for you. This will improve your air quality, reduce dust build-up in your home, and may even increase your energy efficiency. 

Bathroom Scrubbing

Bathroom cleaning is one of the most hated household chores. Even if you do stay on top of cleaning your bathroom regularly, hard water and regular use can cause mildew and soap scum build up in areas that you are not even aware of. Professional cleaners will clean your bathroom from top to bottom removing any dust, mildew, or soap scum that has accumulated throughout the year. 

In addition, if you really hate cleaning your bathroom, or maybe just don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves, professional cleaners can come regularly to help out. At Canada Unified Services Inc, we provide regular house cleaning services that can be set on a recurring schedule or ordered on an as-needed basis.

Upholstery Refreshing

Finally, take a look at your seating areas. Certain types of upholstery need regular cleaning and care, especially if they see a lot of use. This may apply to dining room chairs, office furniture, or couches and recliners. A good professional cleaning can make an old, well-used piece of furniture look as good as new. 

Treat your house right this year by investing in a full-service house cleaning service for the new year and really start fresh!