Hiding Stains Til the Professional Cleaning Services Arrive

Life happens, often unexpectedly, and can be messy at times. Part of that mess comes in the form of stains, unfortunately. Fortunately, however, there are a few tried and true ways to hide those unsightly stains until your friendly professional cleaning services arrive to clean those stubborn and unsightly stains and restore your carpet to its previous glory. 

As a homeowner, you know that just by living in your home stains occur. If you have children or pets, they may be more frequent than you can imagine. If you are curious about the ways to conceal discolorations, spots, and smears let’s take a look at some creative options.  

1. A Well Placed Rug

Stains do not magically pop up in convenient places; as such, you need to find safe and aesthetically pleasing solutions to cover them up while waiting for professional carpet cleaning services. Enter the ubiquitous rug. It is highly likely that you own a rug or two that you can place over the offending stain.  

Try angling your rug in such a way that it flows with the foot traffic in the room. Another option is to layer one rug over another, especially if the stain is actually on a large rug that would be difficult to move and store. Layering rugs is a popular design choice for interior decorators. When stains are strategically in front of a chair or sofa, place the rug directly over the spot. Center your rug as much as possible to make it look like you intended the rug to be there all along.

2. Put Your Furniture to Work

When stains happen, you will likely have to wait to get it removed until your carpet cleaner arrives at your doorstep. Rather than becoming frustrated and embarrassed with the discoloration, use this moment as an opportunity to rearrange your furniture, even if it is only to cover up the unsightly stain. 

Instead of moving one piece of furniture over the stain, rearrange everything in your room for a whole new look without having to purchase any items. Try placing your couch against a different wall or angling it in a new way to catch the evening light. If any attempts at making a new configuration look natural don’t work for your space, move an ottoman or footstool over the stain instead. It will serve as a functional furnishing in more ways than one. Another option is to relocate a plant pot and stand on top of the stain for a quick cover-up.

3. Try a Creative Solution

When your professional cleaning services have not yet arrived, and you are looking for an immediate solution, consider a fun and imaginative option. Why not lean into the problem and create a crime scene?

Making your offending mark look as if a crime has taken place is easy, regardless of the color of the stain. The first step will be to find some tape. Any color of tape will get the job done. Make it fun and have a friend or family member lay over the stain (cover the stain with a towel if it will discolor their clothing). Next, outline their body with the tape in a manner that is depicted in crime shows. You can have a lot of fun with this cover-up scenario especially if the offending stain occurs around Halloween. Place murder weapons (fake, of course) or other evidence near the scene for extra fun.

When you need professional carpet cleaning in Canada, contact the best carpet cleaner around. We are here to serve you. Once you schedule an appointment, try some of our suggestions for unique ways to hide your stain. Be creative and have fun with it. We’ll be there soon.