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House Cleaning Services

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Residential Cleaning Services

A home is where life happens! We create a clean, safe, and comfortable ambiance
for your house in Calgary. We follow a 360-degree approach when it comes to Home
This includes several customizable services.
Affordable CARPET AND AREA RUG CLEANING where we remove the unwanted dust and dirt safely. It gives your house a refresh. Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning service will deliver your furniture a new life. we will clean your air ducts and free them from foreign matter. Unclean air ducts become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses that affect all individuals residing in the home.
Clean ducts also significantly improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your aid
conditioning equipment.
Odor removal is an essential part of our Residential Cleaning service in Calgary and
surrounding areas. We shall meet you and discuss your cleaning needs. We shall draft a
cleaning plan and work towards giving you a clean ambiance that meets your demands.
Our services comply with your desired schedule. Our professional services including,
Carpet cleaning, bathroom scrubbing, upholstery refreshing, done in one visit.

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Move-In Move Out Cleaning

Do you need a cleaner when Move In and Move Out? We are here to help you.
It’s Time To Treat Yourself To A Clean Healthy Home
We always work within your fair budget, in-fact, our priority is to do service with you promptly and effectively when you needed it most.
With our custom packages, you always get the same quality results that suit your budget. Whether you need a one-time house cleaning, a regular Office cleaning, immediate
if you experience emergencies like water damage caused by pipe leaks, floods, or sewer, or how about you need restoration assistance for contents cleaning and structural cleaning due to fire/smoke damage – We have the right packages for you to choose from.

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We Provide Affordable and Professional Cleaning Guaranteed Service
With us, price is the last thing you have to consider. All our clients have been on their own custom packages that totally serves their purpose and their budget-Fair and Square!

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Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Having a healthy working air conditioner at
home is an absolute delight. Our Professional Air Conditioner Cleaning Service will make sure your home has a clean air
conditioner coil that keeps you cool.
Like most other machines, air conditioners are mechanical equipment that requires
service and maintenance. And they suffer from breakdowns too. The air conditioner coil is
an integral part of the overall cooling system and a healthy coil will:
• Will prevent any unplanned maintenance, save you money
• Keep the system working at optimum efficiency
• Extend the life of your home’s air conditioning equipment
• Avoid excess cooling cost due to dirty coil, save your money
We provide The Best cleaning indoor evaporator coil services in Calgary as well as the outdoor
condensing coil. We use the best quality heavy-duty cleaning chemicals and shop-vac. We serve CALGARY and the surrounding area.
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