How-To Guide: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your

Buying the right carpet in color and type to match your home’s floors can be a challenge. For some, this can be confusing and daunting, as they may need to get better at finding the right fit. If you want to improve your home décor, it is necessary to consider each of your items in your house.

Everyone has different tastes and choices when it comes to carpets and rugs, and you have to consider your lifestyle before making any decisions. With the help of this article, you can easily choose the perfect carpets and rugs that will look great on the floors of your home.

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You can also get professional help if you find any selection difficult. With enough experience, you can make better decisions while picking out the perfect carpet. You have to consider all the colors and patterns of furniture home décor, walls and floors. Floor material needs to be considered and its color can match any carpet or rug.

  • Flooring and Carpet Types
  • How to Match Carpet with Floor Color? 
    • 1. Neutral
    • 2. Dark
    • 3. Light
    • 4. Gray
    • 5. Black
    • 6. Blue
    • 7. Beige and Tan
  • How does your lifestyle influence when buying a carpet?
  • The Bottom Line

Flooring and Carpet Types

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Everyone has different options when it comes to floor types. It can be tile marble or wood. Before considering buying any rug, you must consider the type of flooring in your home. If the floor is slippery, you need a thick rug that won’t slip.

This accessory must be placed in different rooms to get a decent and sophisticated home décor look. When shopping for a carpet or rug, you have to explore a plethora of materials to make different choices. May consist of wool fleece etc. Match the rug pad material necessary to make a better choice with the type of floor.

How to match the carpet and floor color?

Generally, rugs and carpets are available in a variety of colors that can easily match your home décor. You have to consider them carefully and decide if it’s right for your floor.

1. Neutral

Trends change over time and with people’s choices. But neutrals will never fall out of these fashion trends. This color looks great on all types of floors. Brown gray white beige blue etc. can be considered in this color scheme. You must check the style of home décor must match your rug choose.

2. Dark

How to Pick the Perfect Carpet for Your Floor Type and Color?Source:

If the floor is a light color, people will consider a dark color. Likewise, you must check the design and color of the furniture to account for dark colors. Even if you place the rug in the doorway or entryway, there is no risk of staining. Everyone sits in a living space that makes the carpet dirtier often. Therefore, it is better to consider dark shades for such rooms.

3. Light

You can choose light shades for proper lighting or to make your room look bigger. This color represents cleanliness or freshness and is perfect for a living room, kitchen or bedroom. Some popular light shades are pink green blue cream white beige etc. Choose light shades for rooms with low traffic where avoidance of stains and dirt is essential.

4. Gray

If you want to keep the atmosphere a bit dramatic or moody, gray might be the way to go. It is undoubtedly the ideal choice for many people. This warm shade looks impressive in different rooms. 

5. Black

How to Pick the Perfect Carpet for Your Floor Type and Color?Source:

This is a favorite color choice for many. Black always looks elegant and stylish in every room. This option is best considered if you want to avoid stains. A black rug looks great with all the furniture floor walls etc. But make sure the floor color should be light in color so that it looks attractive.

6. Blue

This is another popular color that looks appealing to everyone. You can consider both lighter and darker shades depending on your floor color. You’ll need to match different shades to find the right one. The dark color is stain-resistant and suitable for all occasions.

7. Beige and Tan

If you like light and dark browns, you must consider tan or beige. Tan is a darker shade, but at the same time it looks elegant and complements your home decor. Beige, on the other hand, is a lighter shade that works well with darker floors.

How does your lifestyle influence when buying a rug?

How to Pick the Perfect Carpet for Your Floor Type and Color?Source:

No matter what color or pattern you choose for your rug, it’s important to consider your lifestyle before making any decisions. If your house gets a lot of traffic, it’s best to consider a darker color as it resists stains or dirt very well.

If you have pets in your home, you must avoid light colors. However, if you want to make your home more attractive, it is better to consider lighter shades. Remember to have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned to keep your house in its decent condition.

Your lifestyle dictates the choice of carpets and rug. Everyone knows which rug looks better on the floors of their home and stays cleaner for longer. You can make choices based on your requirements and make better decisions. You might struggle at first, but you can sort things out over time.

The Bottom Line

The above information must be considered if you want to purchase a carpet or rug that matches the color and type of your flooring. After analyzing your home décor and knowing your basic requirements, you can make better decisions. Sometimes you don’t make a good choice and it looks like you’re trying different combination.

It’s good to proceed in a way that makes the perfect choice. If things are challenging for you, it is best to seek professional help in choosing the right carpet and rug for different rooms. 

Overtime, your carpets and rugs accumulate dirt, muds, stains and more other sources, that it starts to loose its luster looks. In that case, you should have your carpet and rugs to be service by professionals. Here in Calgary and nearby area, Canada Unified Services is on the vetted cleaning company that can restore and freshen up your carpets and rugs to its original look, let alone removing all foreign debris, dirt, and stains on your carpets. 

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