6 Best Ways to Increase Your Home Carpet’s Lifespan

A carpet can look absolutely fantastic when it first arrives at the home, especially when you finally place it on the floor of your desired room. It can be the thing that ties the whole place altogether, ready to greet friends and family as well as host them during their time.

Unfortunately, the cleaning process and foot traffic will cause the carpet to look old and worn out soon after the installation. It can lose its vibrancy in appearance, as well as its overall appeal over a certain period of time.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to extend the life of your carpet. Here are some ways that can help:

1) Offer Basic Carpet Care

There are some basic carpet care tasks that any homeowner can do. First, you should vacuum the carpet regularly. You can use a low-powered setting if you have pets or a heavy amount of foot traffic on the rug. Plus, you can use a wide roller device to ensure the fibres are lying flat and smooth.

2) Rearrange Furniture Now and Then

Consider rearranging the furniture from time to time. You may have favourite seating areas you like to sit at, but you should also move them around. Not only does this move change things up and keep the room more lively, but it can prevent too much pressure on your favourite floor covering, minimizing wear and tear from developing.

3) Take Off Spots and Stains Quickly

If you notice something like this on the carpet, you need to take care of them immediately. You don’t want to wait on spots and stains to stick to the fibres and creep under its surface. If it seems like a tougher problem that can’t be tackled by just picking things off, try to consider calling a carpet cleaning service to help you out.

4) Don’t Smoke Near the Carpeting

Make sure to keep your home clean of cigarette smoke, especially around the carpeting. Cigarette smoke can get down in the fibres and make the rugs have the same scent for weeks on end. It’s best to have a designated carpet-free area on your property or drop the habit altogether to keep your carpet and your health in shape.

5) Keep the Pets and Kids Away

It’s not uncommon for families with pets and kids to have a harder time keeping the carpet looking its very best. Keeping children and pets away from the carpeting, or at least limiting the amount of time they spend on the ground, can decrease the amount of wear and tear on the carpet. Try to extend the carpet’s life and appearance in this way.

6) Bring the Carpet to the Cleaning Professionals

The ultimate solution to increasing the lifespan of your home’s carpet is to bring in professionals. Proper carpet cleaning in a reputable company can ensure the carpet has a better appearance and will last much longer. Aside from longevity, it’s also convenient if you don’t have the time or energy to clean the carpet yourself.


It’s absolutely crucial to take as good care of your carpets as you do of your home. Minimize wear and tear as well as provide regular maintenance in order to effectively extend the life of your carpets.

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