Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting certain areas of your facility has several advantages. A carpet could help with noise reduction, and it can help reduce slips and falls because it has better traction than hard floors. Carpets may also act as an insulator and contribute to your clients’ pleasant and lush experience. 

Because of the numerous advantages of carpeting, many facility managers use it in strategic locations across their establishments. Despite these apparent benefits, carpeting necessitates regular maintenance.

Numerous myths exist regarding how and what to do concerning carpet cleaning. Carpets are a significant investment, and if not correctly cared for, they may cause more damage than good. Below are misconceptions about carpet cleaning.

It Makes No Difference How Your Carpet Is Cleaned

Carpet cleaning is not the same as carpet washing. That’s why it makes a lot of difference how you clean it. The wrong cleaning methods or chemicals can damage the carpet fibres, reducing the carpet’s life.

You Can Vacuum and Steam Your Carpet

Although they have some similarities, vacuum and steam cleaning are different. Carpet shampooers, also called vacuum cleaners, are used to clean the carpet fibres, while steam cleaners are used to clean the carpet fibres using hot water.

Companies with the Best Ads Have the Best Methods and Products

Renowned companies may have the best advertising, but this does not mean they’re the best carpet care company. Make sure to question them about what they will do and don’t do. The best way to discover this is to visit their facility and watch them work.

Your Carpet is New So You Don’t Have to Clean It

Avoiding cleaning your new carpet is a mistake. New carpets can still look dirty because of the dust and dirt tracked onto them. You can also expect that new carpets will be more contaminated than older carpets because of all the traffic that they will experience.

You Can Clean Your Carpets

Cleaning your carpet on your own can be risky, and the results will be unsatisfactory. When you take care of your carpets, you risk the integrity of their carpet fibres. If you harm the rug at all, you may end up replacing it or pay a professional to repair it.

Your Clean Carpets Do Not Require Cleaning

If you have pets, you will find that you do, in fact, need to clean your carpet. Pets will track in more dirt and dust than humans can. Cleaning your carpets can help keep dirt and dust at bay and help keep their carpet fibres in their best condition.

Carpets and Carpeting Are the Same

Carpets are made of many different materials. Carpeting is a broad term that includes carpets, mats, rugs, and many other types of flooring. Knowing the difference between floor coverings helps ensure that you and your customers get the best service possible.


Many myths continue to surround carpeting. Although you can clean and maintain them on your own, doing so can cause damage to the carpeting and even the floor underneath. That’s why it’s best to make sure to hire a reputable carpet cleaning company to remove all types of stains and keep your facility looking great for your customers and employees.

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