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Preparing for Professional Carpet Cleaning Magic

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is an excellent investment because the best carpet cleaning companies won’t simply clean your carpets but will also ensure that they stay clean for a long time. When you pay professionals, you should expect professional results.

What to Know Upfront

Expect to Move Your Furniture

If you haven’t worked with a professional carpet cleaning company before, you may be wondering what you can do to make their work more manageable (and reduce stress for both the cleaners and you). Carpet cleaning companies will be able to work quickly and efficiently if you prepare your home for their arrival. You certainly don’t need to deep clean your carpet yourself before the professionals arrive, but taking the time to move furniture and loose items aside can help the cleaning team. The carpet cleaners can immediately get to work without moving those items themselves. 

You are also less likely to lose a paper or decoration that might be sitting out if you move it on your own rather than leaving it for someone else to set down somewhere else.

  • Some professional carpet cleaning companies may charge you a fee if you do not remove your furniture. Other companies may not be permitted to move your table for liability reasons. Be sure to know what to expect while working with your preferred carpet cleaner.

Cleaning Will Take Time

Every cleaning company will take a different amount of time to clean a room, but a typical estimate is about 20 minutes. If the cleaners are arriving for more than one room, then prepare for them to be there for a large portion of the day.

Rooms may take 6 to 24 hours to dry properly. Ask your cleaning company for an estimate, and always plan to have your carpets cleaned several days before any family events you are hosting, giving your carpets ample time to dry.

Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Differ

If you would like the carpet company to clean a rug in addition to your carpet, don’t hesitate to ask them about more specific details. When possible, seek companies that use an immersion process to hand wash your rug with care.

Your Preparation Checklist

Parking Plans

When the carpet cleaning company employees arrive at your home, they will need a place to park. This spot should be near your home, so it is not a struggle to carry heavy equipment inside, and it should be large enough to fit a van or truck if necessary. If you own a house, ensure no cars fill your driveway and the nearby street. If you live in the city, provide your carpet cleaning company with suggestions for nearby parking places.


If you have any questions about the carpet cleaning process, ask the cleaning team well before they arrive. It’s also a good idea to write down everything you know about any stains on your carpet that need to be addressed. For example, you can note high-traffic areas of your carpet or mention a place where your new puppy left a stain. Providing notes will ensure no stains are overlooked, and if you remember how each stain was caused, your carpet cleaning team will be able to handle it appropriately. 

Dust and Vacuum Preemptively

Dust accumulates quickly on ceiling fans, windows, and baseboards. Wipe it down before the carpet is deep cleaned rather than after to ensure your carpet won’t quickly become dirty again.

Additionally, take a few quick minutes to vacuum your carpet before the carpet cleaning company arrives, and you will make their work much more manageable. A simple pass with the vacuum can remove the top layer of dust and grime that covers your carpet, and doing this will also allow you to find any coins, hair ties, toys, or other small parts that might interfere with the carpet cleaning equipment.

Protect Your Walls

Carpet cleaning equipment can be bulky, and although you will be hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, there is always a risk that a piece of equipment will drag along the wall or bump into a corner. It may be worth protecting your walls and doorways with painter’s tape or foam padding.

Move All Valuables

If you have any valuable or fragile items, remove them from the room where the professional carpet cleaners will be. This will prevent them from being damaged by any wayward water or chemicals and will ensure they aren’t knocked over and broken.

Tie Up or Take Down Your Curtains

Many carpet cleaning companies ask that you tie all curtains and other dangling fabric (such as bed skirts) off the floor or remove them to allow the carpet cleaning equipment to be used most efficiently. If you intend to take down your curtains, then this is a great time to wash them (something most of us don’t do often enough). Once your carpets are clean, you can hang up freshly washed curtains that won’t shake dust onto your floor.

Plan Around Pets

Keep pets out of the room where the professional carpet company will be working. This allows the cleaning team to move freely without worrying that they will step on pets or that pets will knock over the carpet cleaning equipment. Pets with low anxiety might be content to stay in a neighboring room, but if you know your furry friend would be stressed by strangers, chemical smells, and loud equipment in your home, this may be an excellent day to schedule a pet playdate.

  • To allow the carpet to dry correctly, pets may need to be kept out of certain rooms for 24 hours. Ask your cleaning company to estimate how long it will take each room to dry.
  • Many carpet cleaning companies use equipment that is mounted on the cleaning truck. The needed cords and tubes may snake through your front door. It’s best not to have your pets around if you fear them breaking loose and running into the road.

With all the chemicals and equipment involved in deep cleaning your carpet, you must choose a professional carpet cleaning company that won’t cause damage to your floors by overly wetting them or mixing the chemicals incorrectly. Canada Unified Services Inc. is backed by a fantastic team and years of experience, making us the best carpet cleaning Calgary company you could ask for. We will help your carpet cleaning experience run smoothly and stress-free. Contact us to schedule a visit from our professional carpet cleaners today.