Spring, Time for Professional House Cleaning

If you know someone who needs a house cleaner (or you are looking for a house cleaner yourself), then spring is the perfect season to look into your options. A professional cleaning service may have equipment and expertise that you don’t, which means that hiring one can ensure your home receives the highest quality care you can give it. Choose a professional house cleaning service to care for your home this year and you are sure to see an improvement in your way of living.

Benefits of a Professional House Cleaning Service

Save Time

Let’s face it: all of us are busy people, whether we work from home, commute to the office every day, or are stay-at-home parents. When there are errands to run, bills to pay, pets and children to look after, and meals to cook, it isn’t always easy to set aside large blocks of time to effectively clean your home. A professional house cleaning service will be able to work with your life schedule, so whether you have an important family event coming up or it’s simply time to wipe the gray streaks from your doors, 

Save Money

The fact that a professional house cleaning service can save you time should surprise no one, but the idea of saving money may not be one you’ve thought much about. The expense of cleaning products (including rags, mops, buckets, chemicals, sponges, bleach, rubber gloves, vacuums, and so on) can quickly add up, and the expenses may be significantly more than you think. By the time you add all of these cleaning products together, it may be much cheaper to hire a professional house cleaning service instead of cleaning your home yourself. DIY cleaning is simple and totally affordable when you are looking to organize some shelves, but a full house cleaning can be absolutely exhausting on both your budget and your energy.

Still determined to make a day out of DIY cleaning? Taking control of your own home can be empowering, and we fully support that. Consider tackling a smaller room or two on your own and ask a professional house cleaning service for a quote on a larger room that sees more traffic during everyday life.


Your local stores may not always carry the chemicals or powerful steam cleaners that can really make your house shine, especially if you live in a small town with a limited number of available options. Carpets can hold a significant amount of dirt and other unwanted grime, such as bacteria, dead skin cells, insect feces, and more. The right vacuum or deep cleaner can truly have an effect on your cleaning experience so that you will be confident you are cleaning your carpet fully in every fiber, and not simply scraping off the top layer of dust. 

Unfortunately, some of this equipment can be expensive, difficult to find, or too heavy to move by yourself. Even high quality equipment can occasionally break while you are using it, which can be a pain to deal with (especially if you are tight on time). If you are not confident in your ability to move or fix this equipment, then sticking to the professionals may be your best choice.


A professional house cleaning service will also know exactly the right chemicals to use, and how to use them safely. Mixing the wrong chemicals together can be harmful or even deadly to you or any pets living in your home.

Even if you choose chemicals that are safe for humans to use, how confident are you that the chemicals you are working with won’t damage the woods or fabrics that you touch? Do you know how to safely clean the vents and air ducts in your home? Working with a professional house cleaning company is always a good way to ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe this spring.


Spring brings more with it than the urge to spring clean your home. You can also expect pollen to be in the air. If you or the people living in your home experience allergies related to dust, pollen, pet hair, or many other household allergens, then hiring a professional house cleaning service to deep clean your home can ensure those allergens are completely removed. Never underestimate the importance of breathing clearly and easily!


DIY cleaning is not always easy. You most likely will have large objects or furniture to move from one room to another, and as you carry those items, you may struggle not to trip or bash into photos on the wall if you can’t see where you are going. Even when you move all of those things, putting them back can feel physically (and emotionally) exhausting. Plus, it’s easy to lose track of important items you may need. On top of all this, you still need to think about your own health, including your hygiene, hunger, and hydration. Do you have pets? Loud equipment may make them anxious, and some chemicals may be dangerous. Some aspects of deep cleaning your home, such as steaming your carpets, may take hours when you account for the time it takes for the carpet to dry. Will you be able to keep both yourself and your pet off the carpet while you go about the rest of your day?

Simply put? Having other people help you out while you deep clean your home can be a huge relief. However, if you live alone, then asking someone to spend the day with you may not always be easy. A professional cleaning company is a convenient solution to sprucing up your home, even if you live by yourself. Even if you have added up the cost of equipment and you are certain that cleaning yourself will save you money, after a few hours of hard work, you may find that the convenience of allowing a professional carpet cleaner to take control has its advantages.

Expect the Best

Professional house cleaners will know how to clean your home quickly and efficiently using tips and tricks they have gained from years of cleaning experience. If you are looking for the best professional house cleaning team in Calgary, contact Canada Unified Services Inc. today and we can start you out with a free estimate of the cleaning costs for your home.