The Best House Cleaning Begins in These Dirtiest Areas

Regular house cleaning is simple enough—you pick a spot you haven’t tidied up for a while, run a broom, vacuum through it, and you’re done! But we’re not talking about easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy house maintenance today. You should have the best house cleaning ever, so that entails going through rooms and areas you never thought accumulated the most dirt, starting with:

Your Bathroom

Despite being an area of cleanliness (you bathe, shower, and practice good hygiene here), bacteria linger in the bathroom after every use, especially when the environment is left damp. To ensure all these are controlled, pay particular attention to high-contact areas such as light switches, doorknobs and faucet knobs. 

Practice these bathroom cleaning habits, too:

  • Keep disposable disinfecting wipes handy for easy daily use. 
  • Wash bath towels and mats in hot water at least weekly and dry thoroughly before use.
  • Change hand towels several times a week. 
  • Wipe down bathroom sinks daily with disinfectant wipes.
  • Clean toothbrush holders and cups should be cleaned weekly. 
  • Wipe down the dirty areas of the bathtub, shower doors, toilet, and flat surfaces like walls near toilets with disinfectant products.

Tl;dr: the best house cleaning in bathrooms starts in high-touch areas.

Your Common Areas or Rooms

Like your restrooms, common areas are places most people congregate in or walk through regularly. Bacteria and germs can be found in every room in the house, especially where the family gathers. Touching the remote controls, game controllers, keyboards, tablets, earbuds and headphones, and cell phones leads to the spread of bacteria. And if anyone in the house has germs on their hands, they can spread them around even more quickly.

You should wipe down all of those keypads and controllers with a disinfectant wipe after every use. If anyone has a cold, use a disinfectant wipe daily to clean their hands. Include switches on lamps, plates, and doorknobs in your cleaning routine.

Another breeding ground for dirt and bacteria is furniture upholstery, as the fabric is exposed to skin, sneezes, unwashed hands, pet dander and hair, soil from feet, and shoes. Keep in mind that many bacteria can live for several days on the same surfaces, so you must vacuum upholstered surfaces at least once a week. Be sure to use the upholstery attachment so you don’t damage the material when cleaning. Clean underneath and between cushions where food and pet hair can linger. Then freshen up the surface with a scented or unscented disinfectant.

Your Kitchen

Easily the busiest and dirtiest because it’s a high-traffic area (everyone gets and makes their food here) and contains a lot of stuff (appliances, plates, utensils, and everything food-related). Plus, all elements that encourage bacteria to grow–heat, moisture, and food–are readily available. Add all the raw meats, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and household items like purses and backpacks that hold germs, and it’s clear that your kitchen is teeming with harmful bacteria.

The best house cleaning starts in these areas of concern:

  • Sinks.
  • Countertops.
  • Cabinet Pulls.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Small appliances and kitchen tools.

Get the Best House Cleaning Now

Home cleanliness must start in places people mostly stay, touch, or use. The abovementioned areas fit those descriptions, so get busy cleaning them now! The more people use or stay in a room, the more chances of bacteria lingering and spreading. It’s best to tackle those dirtiest areas before they spread elsewhere!

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