Top 5 Health Issues Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Reduce

A professional Calgary carpet cleaning service is occasionally seen as a luxury rather than a need. Many people are unaware that maintaining clean carpets and rugs is more crucial for your health than for the aesthetics of your flooring. 

Naturally, having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned may greatly enhance their appearance. But ignoring rugs and carpets can result in some problems that are not just unsightly but also dangerous to your health and your family’s health. 

Below is a list of the five health issues that dirty rugs and carpets have been related to and where to find Calgary house cleaning services. 

Damp Carpets Are One of The Causes of Asthma

According to a study by the Regional Institute of Occupational Health, the risk of acquiring asthma increased twofold with wet carpets. Something happened after being on the carpet for a while. Bronchial asthma was brought on by the growth of microorganisms and volatile organic compounds on the unclean carpet.

Allergies May Be Activated By Dust Mites

If you have dust mites, your health is not good. Like dirty hair is a haven for lice, a dirty carpet is a haven for dust mites. Dust mites eat fungus, bacteria, and human skin cells that accumulate in carpets and rugs. 

If a rug or carpet is not fully cleaned by frequent vacuuming and scheduled visits by a rug cleaning company, it turns into a dust mite sanctuary. Most people respond to them in an allergic manner, and common symptoms include rashes, nasal discomfort, and eye irritation.

Mold Can Cause Problems With Respiration

Mold allergies can cause a person a lot of discomforts. If the mold problem is not addressed, respiratory problems may arise. A person’s health may worsen if exposed to mold while battling another disease.

Athlete’s Foot May Be Triggered 

Athletes’ foot has been connected to dirty carpets because of how many parasites are found there. If the carpet has fungus and your foot has little sores, you’ll feel intense itching and burning. Furthermore, walking barefoot on a carpet can make it more likely for someone else to get an athlete’s foot.

Gastrointestinal Issue

Digestive issues might result from salmonella or E. coli infection in carpets. Mycotoxins are a problem because they can lead to stomach infections, which can be fatal in those with compromised immune systems. 

The outcome will depend on the exposed person’s health, while there are several substances in dirty rugs that might aggravate existing health issues.

What Are the Additional Dangerous Contaminants?

Your carpet contains various microorganisms in addition to those just described. Since there is a lot of foot traffic on your carpet, dirt, grime, and pet dander may easily gather there. Additionally, your carpet could pick up additional air pollutants like cigarette smoke and other microbes that might pass through your poorly maintained ventilation system.

Unfortunately, your carpet could absorb everything. If your carpet is overloaded with so many chemicals, it will no longer be able to hold any contaminants. This can lead to the pollutants spreading throughout your house, making you sick and triggering allergies.


If you regularly get your rugs cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning Toronto, you won’t need to worry as much about the health problems above. To enjoy the tremendous health benefits of clean carpets, you should schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable carpet cleaning company.

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