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Ways to Care For Your Carpets after a Deep Clean

While homemaking is not everybody’s forte, keeping your carpet clean in between sessions of professional carpet cleaning is not a difficult task. This is a sole effort towards extending the life of your carpet and taking care of your investments. 

Beyond the aesthetics of your home, regular carpet cleaning and maintenance is a viable method to protect your health and safety, as well as improve the quality of your air indoors. 

Read on to discover the different ways to care for your carpets after a deep clean session!

Let Your Carpet Dry Before Using

Do not use or walk on your carpet until it has dried completely. This is for the reason that carpets must be thoroughly cleaned and ready before use. In a way, this preserves their lifespan and quality. If you need to speed up the drying process, employ electric fans and blowers to let the water and excessive dampness dissipate.

Avoid Constant Furniture Rearrangement

Constant furniture arrangement calls for manual labour of at least a person or two, which could cause unfortunate colour transfer or re-soiling. With that said, furniture repositioning should be done less frequently and only when necessary. Additionally, perform furniture arrangement only when the carpet has dried completely.

Immediately Clean Spills

Spills and stains should always be cleaned up right away, especially on carpets which take longer to clean. Beyond this, avoid the use of harsh chemicals wherever possible. While blotting spills can absorb the liquid, rubbing them spreads and penetrates the carpet fibres.

Don’t Forget to Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum regularly after a professional carpet cleaning, whether or not you believe the carpet requires it. This cleaning method eliminates dirt and particles that are not apparent to the naked eye and removes allergies and contaminants carried in.

Use Your Home Slippers

Walking barefoot on a freshly cleaned carpet turns out to be a bad idea. This is because the natural oils in your skin may leave an oily residue. Such oily residue has the potential to stain and attract dirt to your carpet. For this reason, it’s important to wear socks or home slippers on your carpet instead of going barefoot.

Maintain the Condition of Your Carpet

One of the most efficient ways to avoid soiling and extend the life of your carpet is to protect it after cleaning. A carpet protector keeps spills and debris from reaching the carpet’s fibres. As the carpet deteriorates, it should be treated yearly, especially in high-traffic areas of your home or any personal space.


Your carpets are a home investment that makes your space look inviting and allows you and your guests to feel comfortable. So in between deep cleaning sessions, be disciplined in helping your carpets last longer by following these tips. This way, you also save costs on carpet repairs and upkeep. 

Moreover, it’s important to note that you should always leave your home in a pleasant state, whether by looks, smells, and energy. Be a responsible homeowner and constantly let your private space serve as your sanctuary for a long time!

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