When DIY Pet Stain Removal Doesn’t Cut It

If you have a troublesome pet who just can’t seem to resist dragging mud throughout the house, then sometimes DIY pet stain removal doesn’t cut it. Even a house-trained cat or dog can be subject to occasional accidents or upset stomachs. When you are already overwhelmed with work daily, hiring a professional carpet cleaner for pets just makes sense.


The biggest problem with any messes left on your carpet by pets (as opposed to foods or liquids) is that in addition to leaving stains, they generally leave odors. A professional carpet cleaner for pets will already have all of the equipment and products that can remove any odd smell or discoloration. And thanks to years of experience and dedication with such stains, you can also expect them to know which chemicals are harmful to pets and which ones can be used around them safely. Pet safety around strong-smelling chemicals is often overlooked. When a carpet cleaner arrives at a home with all the correct products and expertise to quickly remove stains, it will make your life easier! Their work can save you a lot of time researching which products are most appropriate for your carpet, which are affordable, stocked in nearby stores, safe for pets, how long it will take for your carpet to dry, and so on.

Prevent Mistakes

If you attempt to remove a stain on your own but fail to do it correctly, then the stain might sink deeper into your carpet, and it can even damage fabric permanently. Certain stains can be tough to remove, depending on the color of the stain and your floor.

A stain’s origin also determines how a professional carpet cleaner for pets will treat it. If you want the best results, choose a carpet cleaning company that knows all about various stains and ways to treat them. Trust an expert with the most essential rooms in your home, and save the experimental chemical tests for dish mats and welcome rugs that can easily be replaced if things go wrong.


Stains come out more easily when you act fast, so scheduling a short-notice appointment with a carpet cleaning company can often have more success than simply buying the products to remove the stain (and smells) on your own. 

Curious Babies and Pets

Before you plan to clean a stain on your own, you should ask yourself if you have enough hands to manage the work by yourself. Do you have small children at home who need to be held, fed, or washed? Are you keeping a close eye on nearby chemicals to ensure your child doesn’t knock them over or attempt to swallow any harmful substances?

What about your pets? The sounds and smells of your cleaning equipment are likely to draw your pets’ attention, and if your hands are busy scrubbing your carpet, a clumsy paw may knock over a bucket, or a curious mouth might steal a bottle of chemicals and run off with it. Once the cleaning process is done, your carpet may need to be left alone for several hours (sometimes even up to 24) to dry completely. If your carpet does not dry properly, it may affect the texture by leaving it with a crusty feel. You may also end up with a lingering smell of dampness, which probably goes against why you spent so much time cleaning your carpet in the first place.

Keeping pets off your carpet is much easier with extra hands in the home. If you are still hoping to clean your carpets yourself, we suggest you ask a friend or relative to watch your pet, or else you shut your pet in a safe, closed room with plenty of food, toys, and clean water to distract them while your carpets dry. Suppose you have an anxious pet who does not like being left alone. In that case, calling in a professional carpet cleaner for pets makes a lot of sense, as you will be able to spend more time comforting your pet while the loud cleaning equipment and strong-smelling chemicals do their job.

  • If you open windows and doors to provide extra ventilation in your home, keep an incredibly close eye on your pets to ensure they won’t escape through any openings.

Improved Smells

Once your carpet is freshly cleaned and dried by a professional carpet cleaner, you should notice that your stains have been removed, but the smell of your room has improved significantly, too. We all love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we always love their smells. The best carpet cleaners for pets will be sure to leave your room smelling better than they found it with the help of detergents or special cleansers that breathe new life (and a fresher scent) into your clean carpets.

When you clean your carpets yourself, especially if your goal is to remove foul smells from a room, always do so with caution. Any time you plan to bring candles, fragrances, or flowers into your home, research the scents beforehand to confirm that they are safe in the presence of your pets. Lilies, for example, are a very common flower that is toxic to cats, and there are many candles and essential oils that can irritate a dog’s eyes, skin, and stomach. Ask your professional pet carpet cleaner what products they intend to use and how safe they are around your pet.

If you use flowers, diffusers, candles, or other fragrances to add additional scents to a freshly cleaned room, be sure your pet has another place they can escape to get some fresh air. Keep a close eye on their appearance and behavior, and take them to the vet immediately if you notice any drastic changes. Suppose an emergency vet visit is out of the question. In that case, you should consider hiring a professional pet carpet cleaner to clean your home with pet-safe chemicals so you and your beloved companion can both enjoy a new room to the fullest.

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