Why You Should Hire Carpet Cleaners to Remove Pet Stains

Having a pet at home is the best form of stress-reliever you could ever have. They’re a great addition to the family and can be a source of joy and amusement. However, adopting a pet is also a big responsibility and most of the time involves a lot of cleaning and disinfection because of the mess they leave behind. It’s not always possible to train all of your pets, so cleaning up the mess that they left on the carpet is very much likely to happen. The problem is, just regular cleaning won’t cut it, especially for a delicate carpet. Here’s why hiring professional carpet cleaning experts is a must.

Knowledge and Experience

Cleaning pet stains, especially on the carpet, isn’t something any person can do. If you want to give it justice and to make sure your carpet is spotless and undamaged, only a professional cleaner can do that for you. With their knowledge and experience, they know exactly what solution to use and what techniques to utilize for cleaning. They also know just how much water to use to rinse the cleaning solution without using so much that it seeps into the carpet pad creating a mould problem These are things that an ordinary person may not know how to do, so it’s best left to the cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Most homes have a variety of cleaning solutions at home. These products are designed only for some light DIY cleaning and are not intended for deep cleaning and complete odour removal. They’re just not as powerful as the cleaning solutions used by professional carpet cleaners. The cleaning solutions they use and the machines they employ for cleaning are quite effective and are far superior at removing stains and odours than those you use at home.

Pet Safety

Despite being potent and effective, the cleaning solutions that professionals use should also be safe for pets. If you want to be sure that whatever cleaning solutions used on your home are safe for your pets, you should always hire a cleaning company that uses non-toxic and hypoallergenic cleaning products. These are completely safe to use around pets and also family members. Don’t settle for those cleaning products that emit hazardous fumes that could put your family’s health at risk.

Bacteria Breakdown

Pet urine contains a variety of components that could easily cling to carpet fibres. Some of these components include water, urea, sodium, uric acid, and potassium. It’s also filled with microorganisms and harmful bacteria that can contribute to illnesses if you or your family members are exposed to it. In order to break down those organisms, you need special enzymes that can only be removed using commercial cleaning materials. As mentioned above, only professional carpet cleaning companies know about this, so you better leave it in their capable hands.


Don’t let pet deposits and stains sit undetected in your house. They can easily damage your carpet and even cause health problems to your family. By hiring professional cleaners, you’ll be able to eliminate any stains and odours entirely.

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